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EMPLOYMENT: 6 months with present employer with a full time status or proof of 1 year full time continuous employment. The three (3) most recent paycheck stubs are to be submitted. Faxed check stubs will not be accepted. Proof of retirement, disability or SSI will be a letter from issuer with their letterhead. Workman's compensation and all temporary employment are subject to disapproval. Additional documentation may be required to verify income.

INCOME: 3 times the amount of monthly rent must be earned. The proration is calculated from the gross yearly salary and the divided by 12 months. This may be calculated from all persons salaries who will be residing in the apartment. Rental assistant from government agencies is not considered as part of a salary. Workman's compensation or temporary income may not be accepted.

IDENTIFICATION: A copy of current federal issued picture I.D. and valid social security card needed for verification of application.

RENTAL: One year verifiable continuous rental history. Parent, legal guardian and/or family members do not constitute verifiable rental history. You may not have eviction(s) within the past five (5) years. A parent or legal guardian as lease guarantor may be accepted for first time renters and students only. We may require an additional deposit.

CRIMINAL: Person(s) with felony arrest(s), conviction(s), or pending conviction(s) may not be approved. Some misdemeanor(s) may not be approved if the arrest, conviction or pending conviction is related to drugs, prostitution, theft, burglary, robbery, firearms, family/domestic violence, crimes against persons or property.

CREDIT: No bankruptcies within the past two years of the date of application. Negative rental or credit history may be cause for rejection of application or we may require an additional deposit.

Person(s) applying as head of household must be a min of 18 years of age. A lease guarantor may be required. All occupants eighteen (18) years of age and older must fill out their own credit application and submit a separate application fee.


    Efficiency 2 Persons +1*
    1 Bedroom 2 Persons +1*
    2 Bedroom 4 Persons
    3 Bedroon 5 Person

*-+1 is a person under the age of two (2) years of age.

Falsifying an application or allowing persons not listed on lease to reside in the apartment may be grounds for immediate eviction and-or acceleration of rent by $25.00 per person per month.

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